New (Old) Taylor & The Mother's Day Gifts You Need

This week's edition of Simon Says.

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Hello! Things have been crazy here in Raleigh, as we’ve spent the last week unpacking approximately 10,000 boxes and getting to know our Amazon Prime delivery drivers very well. But I’m happy to say that save for a few remaining purchases, we’re officially settled into our new home. Here’s our living room, my favorite space in the house:

It makes me very happy. Anyhoo! Here’s what else has been going on:

What I’m writing

Most of my free time this week was focused on unpacking, but I did get a few hours in to keep working on re-outlining the book. I'm making this one more thorough and clear than my outlines of the past, and while it’s slow, sometimes frustrating work, I really feel like it’s pushing me in the right direction.

What I’m reading

I finished and absolutely loved Kaitlyn Greenidge’s Libertie. It’s truly one of my favorite books I’ve read recently, and I can’t recommend it enough.

Yesterday, I started Rumaan Alam’s Leave the World Behind, and while I’m only a few pages in, I’m definitely intrigued. Let me know if you’ve read this one, too!

What I’m watching

Inspired by our shared love of Schitt’s Creek and my desire to see more of Eugene Levy’s eyebrows, Kurt and I watched Best in Show last night, which, if you haven’t seen it, is very funny. Streaming on HBO Max!

What I’m listening to

If you thought I was going to talk about anything but Fearless (Taylor’s Version), you were very wrong. I have many thoughts on this album, but mainly, I’d forgotten just how much “Forever and Always (Piano Version)” destroyed me back in 2008, and, well, my 2021 self was a mess, too.

Also, those new songs! “Don’t You” is a new favorite of mine, as is “Mr. Perfectly Fine” but mostly for this perfect exchange:

Closing thoughts

FYI, Mother’s Day is less than a month away, and if you’re looking for a gift idea, might I suggest one of my custom crossword puzzles? Trust me—the mom in your life will looove solving clues about her, her family, and all her favorite things. Order here!

Also, I’m selling themed pop culture-themed puzzles now too! So whether you’re a fan of Friends, Taylor Swift, Game of Thrones or whatever else, you can have some fun solving a crossword all about your fave obsession.

I really liked this profile of Amanda Gorman for Vogue, and the covers are just stunning.

I finished the Demi Lovato docuseries, and I’m just very, very glad she’s alive and OK.

This tweet was lovely:

And finally, remember when I wondered how long it’d be until we gave in and let Ellie on the nice couch? Spoiler: it was exactly one week.

Until next time!