It's Cadbury Creme Egg Season, Y'all

This week's edition of Simon Says.

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Hi, friends—can you believe we’re nearly halfway through March already? Only six days until spring begins officially, which means it’s time to complete my annual tradition of excitedly buying a Cadbury Creme Egg before remembering, halfway through eating, that it’s actually very gross. Can’t wait!

Here’s what’s up this week:

What I’m writing

I have at least two, possibly three (date TBD) freelance stories coming out this week! They’re all pop culture-related, and I’m excited to get these pieces out into the world. I’ll be sharing links on my socials, as well as dropping them in next week’s Simon Says edition if you want to read.

Due to all those freelance stories, I didn’t make a ton of book progress, so I’m only a bit over 30,000 words. Very ready to jump back in this week.

What I’m reading

I finished Isabel Wilkerson’s Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents, which, as I said last week, was a brutal but absolutely compelling and important read. Now, I’m around halfway through a very different book: Jack by Marilynne Robinson. I haven’t read any of the other works in Robinson’s Gilead series, but I’m still really enjoying Jack— it’s an intimate, thoughtful, funny book set in ‘50s St. Louis, about romance, race, and identity.

What I’m watching

This past Grey’s Anatomy episode hurt me deep. If you know, you know.

In happier news, Good Girls is back! The premiere was just as dark, sharp, and entertaining as previous seasons of this highly underrated show. Check it out on NBC if you need a new binge.

Also, yesterday, Kurt and I watched Enchanted because he had never seen it and I hadn’t in at least a decade. Amy Adams, guys! A national treasure if there ever was one.

Give this woman her Oscar already.

What I’m listening to

This new version of Phoebe Bridgers’ “Kyoto” featuring Jackson Browne made an already-great song even better. And speaking of Phoebe, this Variety profile of her leading up to the Grammys is goooood.

Also, have you guys listened to Justin Bieber’s “Hold On” yet? It’s extremely #WifeGuy, but it just might just be my favorite song of his in years.

Closing thoughts

Reminder you can order one of my personalized puzzles here from my brand-new website! Buy one for a birthday, anniversary, or whatever else is going on in your life.

I liked this Selena Gomez profile in Vogue, and I like that Selena seems very happy right now. She deserves it!

I have watched this TikTok of a girl showing how transitions are made 23920493 times and I still understand nothing.

This Vulture piece revisiting Melissa Leo’s infamous “Consider…” Oscar campaign from years back is a must-read.

Lastly, if you haven’t seen it yet, please enjoy Whoopi Goldberg’s perfect reaction to Meghan McCain’s batshit craziness.

Until next week, friends! Stay well.