Harry & Meghan & Oprah & Me

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In this pandemic world we live in, there are very few events to look forward to, but tonight’s Meghan-Harry-Oprah extravaganza is most definitely one of them. If you need a refresher on all the drama before tuning into CBS at 8, The New York Times has a good one (and this is definitely not a subtweet at my fiancé, who listened me explain the situation for a solid five minutes before asking, in complete earnestness, “is Diana Harry’s mom?”).

I know, guys. I know. Here’s what else is going on in my world right now:

What I’m writing

I had another really solid writing week, with my novel-to-be clocking in at nearly 28,000 words so far! I’m veering pretty far from my outline, yet again, but I’m taking comfort in knowing that I’m in very good company.

Fun times. Excited to hit 30k soon!

What I’m reading

After finishing Anne Weiner’s fantastic, unsettling Uncanny Valley, I’m now a bit more than halfway through another, extremely different work of nonfiction: Isabel Wilkerson’s Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents. There’s little I can say about this magnificent, painful book, which discusses how the caste system has impacted the treatment of marginalized people across the globe, that hasn’t already been said, so I will just say this: Read. It. Now. It’ll change the way you think, truly.

On a very different note, I really enjoyed this Vulture essay by P.E. Moskowitz about identity and The Sopranos, which includes this great line: “I could not imagine being a woman who was happy and free. But I could imagine being Carmela.”

What I’m watching

Kurt and I watched I Care a Lot on Netflix last night, which was… interesting. Super entertaining, for sure, but the characters all felt too one-dimensionally hatable to really work. If you’ve seen it too (or don’t mind spoilers), this Buzzfeed essay by Elamin Abdelmahmoud gets right at the movie’s issues.

And for those who are dying to know: my One Tree Hill watch is going quite well. I am halfway through Season 1, there’s already been plotlines involving roofies and steroids, and Gavin DeGraw had a cameo. It’s a wild ride.

What I’m listening to

In one of my favorite Kellyokes yet, Our Cover Queen Kelly Clarkson took on Ariana Grande’s “Imagine,” my favorite song off Thank U, Next, and, well, you can watch it for yourself. The power!!

Closing thoughts

If you order one of my custom puzzles before midnight tonight, it’s 10% off! Buy a puzzle, tell your friends, follow on Instagram, etc.

Good Girls Season 4 starts tonight! I’ve missed this funny, dark show featuring one of TV’s hottest Bad Boys™ very much.

How good is the casting of Edie Falco as Hillary Clinton in the upcoming season of American Crime Story about Bill’s impeachment?! I hate to say it, but Ryan Murphy… thank you.

Speaking of casting news, I’m pretty sure the cast of the comedy The People We Hate At the Wedding came directly from my brain.

Seth Rogen has started a weed company that also sells ceramics, and honestly, I am very happy for him.

Oh, I got a Tums-themed cake in the mail this week?! Yup.

Lastly, this tweet made me actually LOL.

Same girl, same.

That’s all until next week—a post-Harry-and-Meghan-talk-to-Oprah world. Can you imagine?!