Did I Tell You About... (12/24/20)

All the pop culture you need in your life this week.

It’s finally here! By that I mean Christmas, yes, but also the release of the very cute Meghan-Harry-Archie family holiday card. Priorities.

I’m very into the painted-card idea, and Archie looks so old! Time has no meaning in 2020, but I am truly shocked to realize that he’s already 1 1/2. Wild.

Royals aside, here’s what else has happened in the pop culture world this week that I’m into, for this week’s edition of Did I Tell You About…

I’m watching: The Sopranos, for the very first time. Although I love me some prestige TV, I’d somehow never watched this particularly iconic HBO show—until now! I’m nearly done with the first season, and surprise surprise, it’s great. The writing, the acting, the New Jersey-ness of it all… I can’t get enough. Stream it on HBO Max if you want to join me.

I’m mad about: The whole situation with Minari. ICYMI, the Golden Globes decided to put Minari, an acclaimed film about a Korean-American family living in Arkansas, in the “Foreign Language Movie” category—despite it being an American movie from an American filmmaker starring an American cast. Naturally, people are pissed, with many noting that the idea of “American” = English-speaking is antiquated and offensive. I haven’t seen Minari yet, but I’m definitely going to once it hits streaming, and I 100% agree that its treatment makes absolutely no sense.

I’m still thinking about: This excellent story in The Cut on what happened to J.K. Rowling over the last few years. If, like me, you loved all things Harry Potter and admired Rowling until she became a transphobic nightmare, read this piece—it gets into all the complexity around the author’s situation with thoughtfulness and nuance.

I’m excited for: The releases of Wonder Woman 1984 and The Midnight Sky. As of Christmas Day, the superhero film will be available on HBO Max, while the George Clooney space drama will be on Netflix. Thank god for streaming, y’all.

I’m reading: This great interview with Carey Mulligan, star of the must-see Promising Young Woman, about the powerful new movie and the way subjects like consent and autonomy have historically been treated on-screen. See the movie, then read this interview. Trust me.

That’s all for this week! Hope you have a great holiday, and I’ll be back next Thursday with the last pop culture recs of 2020 (!). See you then,