Did I Tell You About... (12/10/20)

All the pop culture you need in your life this week.

You guys. I’m obviously going to talk about this more later, but can you believe that Taylor Swift is dropping her second quarantine album tonight?! I truly don’t understand how she does it, but who cares—it’s Taylor’s world, and we’re all just lucky to be living in it.

For everything to know about Evermore and all the other pop culture I’m into right now, check out this week’s edition of Did I Tell You About… below!

I’m freaking out about: Evermore. Duh. As you all know, I’m a huge Taylor Swift fan, and as much as I will forever love the masterpiece that was Red, I’m in the camp that Folklore is her strongest album yet. With that said, I am pumped for its “sister record” Evermore, which comes out tonight at midnight along with the music video for its single “Willow.” The 15-track album features collabs with Haim, the National, and Bon Iver, and with song titles including “Champagne Problems” and “‘Tis the Damn Season”, you know it’s gonna be good. Thank you, Taylor.

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I’m watching: The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix. I know, I know, I’m late on this one, but I had a lot of other TV to get through first, okay? But I’m so glad I finally started, as I’m super into the drama about a fictional chess genius making her way in the game’s ‘60s male-dominated world. The writing’s not always the best, but the performances and look of the show are solid enough to keep me compelled all the way through.

I’m still thinking about: Promising Young Woman, out in theaters 12/25 and available for digital rental a few weeks later. I’d been looking forward to seeing this feminist thriller ever since it got rave reviews at Sundance in January, so I was thrilled to get an advanced screener. And while it wasn’t perfect, it still lived up to the hype—sharp, funny, disturbing, and thought-provoking, with a stellar lead performance by Carey Mulligan. Check it out.

I’m reading: A Promised Land by little-known writer Barack Obama. You might’ve already read this one, but if not, it’s absolutely worth your time. Don’t get intimidated by its 700+ pages—Obama is such a talented writer (with an obviously compelling story) that it flies by and makes for a really fascinating read.

I’m loving: This amazing Twitter thread by comedy writer Mike DiCenzo about how Gilmore Girls characters would be dealing with the pandemic. From Kirk hawking homemade vaccines to Michel Lysoling every surface possible, it’s perfect.

I’m interested in: I’m Your Woman, a crime drama hitting Amazon Prime this weekend. About a woman (Mrs. Maisel’s Rachel Brosnahan) forced to go on the run after her husband betrays his business partner, the film is getting strong reviews for its smart script and great performances.

I’m very interested in: Let Them All Talk, the new Steven Soderbergh dramedy on HBO Max starring Meryl Streep and a bunch of other very talented people. If you want a Meryl movie to watch, skip The Prom and watch this one instead—it looks way better.

Happy watching, reading, and listening, everyone! Until next time,