And Everything Else (12/14/20)

Life updates you didn't ask for.

Hello! Welcome to another edition of And Everything Else, in which I fill you in on what’s going on in my life each week—from that’s the stories I’m writing to the novel I’m (slowly) working on to the wedding I’m (even more slowly) planning. Ahem.

Over the past few months, some of you have reached out to share your own advice for writing a book, ask me questions about my writing classes, or just say hi. It’s been so great chatting with you all, so please keep the responses coming! And if there’s anything you want to see me talk about in an upcoming newsletter, shoot me a message—I’m all ears.

In the meantime, here’s what’s going on this week:

#1. I’m still taking crossword puzzle requests for the holidays

I’m sure you’re all sick of me hyping my custom crossword puzzles by now, but the holidays are basically here, so I’m gonna remind everyone again that a) I make custom crossword puzzles that b) are great Christmas/Hanukkah/birthday/anniversary/etc. gifts and c) can be purchased right here!

It’s not too late to commission one to get it in the next few weeks! Message me if you have any questions.

#2. I’m offering 1:1 consulting sessions for writers

As I’ve mentioned before, I love nothing more than passing on my ~sage wisdom~ about the media world to other writers, especially those just starting out or thinking about changing up their career paths…which is why I’m offering 1:1 consulting sessions!

In these (Zoom-held) chats, I’ll teach you to write strong pitches, provide edits on your essays or features, and answer all the questions you have about freelancing, pitching, publishing and more. You can sign up for one individual session or a four-session package—all details are on my website here. Got questions? Let’s chat.

#3. Kurt and I finally know when/where we’re getting married!

Big news, y’all—we officially have a wedding venue and date! I’m not sharing the details here, because #strangers, but we’re going to get married in spring 2022 at a beautiful space in Raleigh. Yay!

Obviously, COVID could still throw a wrench in things, but here’s hoping (for many reasons) that’s not the case. And now that those big items are nailed down, we’ll be starting the search for photographers, florists, dresses, etc. If anyone has wedding planning tips, please send them all my way.

That’s it for this week—as always, thanks for reading, and please subscribe if you haven’t already! It’s free. Promise.

With love from me and the two siblings who FINALLY snuggled together,